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Pre-Booking Tips for Yacht Rental Dubai

Yachting delivers a fantastic feeling that anyone wishes to experience again and again. No matter whether you're looking to rent a yacht for a special event or just for a vacation in Dubai, there are some things to think about first.

Yacht Rental Dubai - What to look for before booking a rental yacht?

Who is on the team?

A team is a key! Renting a yacht generally comes up while planning a holiday with family or friends. It's vital to know whether your other tourists have sailing expertise and how they wish to spend their time - on land or at sea?

Pre-Booking Tips for Yacht Rental Dubai

Which direction?

It will be challenging to choose a destination country, especially if the group is full of world travellers eager to explore new vistas. Charter Arabia has yacht rental in Dubai and many different countries! Team discussions typically result in an agreement.


Depending on the season, navigation expertise, team wishes, and children, you can focus your search and choose the Middle East sea. We also invite you to consult with advisors at Charter Arabia who are always willing to help. Maybe you've always wanted to visit a certain country, but the navigation conditions aren't right for your team (for example, long crossings, strong winds, etc.). Children and beginners should be aware of the archipelagos, which offer short and safe courses.

Yacht rental Dubai

Which Yacht?

Several factors about the yacht rental are to be considered.:

· Sail or motor? What is your level of navigational expertise?

· Cabins are usually double beds, excellent for a couple or two children. Some cottages have bunk beds. Also, consider the number of bathrooms. Examine the yachting map or ask questions before booking.

· Do you need a staff or will you manage the rental yacht yourself? In most circumstances, the hired personnel has their cabin. Where will your crew stay? Is there a single cabin in the bow?


Year of yacht building, equipment, season, direction Many things affect the yacht rental price. Charter Arabia can help you choose a budget-friendly yacht rental Dubai!

What extra costs come with renting a yacht?

Remember that you will need to pay for optional and necessary extra services not included in the charter price while renting a yacht. An outboard engine, extra bed linen and towels, crew services (if needed), a safety net, and other services may be included in the former. Personal expenses include flights, food, mooring, fuel, and transfers. Be aware of all the expenses you have to pay or have at the time of yacht rental booking.

Which route?

The rental yacht has charts (check for availability before leaving the marina). So take your maps or download them to your phone. Download the tracker app to keep track of the weather.

Yacht rental Dubai

Necessary Luggage to Carry

· The most critical step before a vacation is packing! But is it worth it this time? Even the largest catamaran has limited storage. Instead of large luggage, bring a soft bag that you can store in your cabin's locker. We also encourage each team member to bring a bag for use when walking on land.

· Take a passport (with visa if necessary), plane tickets, leasing agreement, yacht management license and all essential documents you need to bring with you.

A well-planned boat holiday is one of the keys to a good experience. We arrange a fun and exciting yacht rental Dubai tour for our clients. In each scenario, we will tailor a solution to the most discerning tourist. Thematic tours are plenty. We are starting from romantic getaways to large corporate gatherings in unexpected locations. Travelers hunger for a pleasant, comfortable, safe, and colorful vacation full of intense feelings and impressions. We meet customers and plan a cruise around their needs.


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