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Making Every Voyage Memorable

Do you want to be on a cruise that is memorable forever for its unmatched features and state-of-the-art amenities? Well, with Charter Arabia’s yacht rentals in Dubai, you can get breathtaking vistas of the Arabian Gulf. Whether you are planning a retreat for a special occasion or just an escapade from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our yacht rentals in Dubai have got you covered!



52 Ft AS Marine 

This 52ft Luxury Mid-Sized yacht for rent is set over 2 decks with flybridge and large saloon area. Can comfortably accommodate groups of 8 in many areas of the vessel, and up to 15 spread across the yacht. 

Luxury mid-sized Yacht

BRAND NAME:                             AS Marine
BOAT SIZE:                                                52ft
CAPACITY:                                       15 guests
ROOMS:                                                           3
CREW:                                                              3
BBQ:                                                             Yes

yacht rental dubai

AED 1,000

56 Ft Integrity 

The yacht is large enough to cater for up 20 guests with 3 cozy cabins. The main attraction of this yacht rental is the large fly bridge area with ample seating and a upgraded bose sound system. 

Luxury Motor Yacht

BRAND NAME:                             AS Marine
BOAT SIZE:                                                52ft
CAPACITY:                                       15 guests
ROOMS:                                                           3
CREW:                                                              3
BBQ:                                                             Yes



AED 1,800

65 Ft Catamaran

The 65ft luxury catamaran provida high level of comfort making it ideal for a family/friends cruise experience. Has a sleek and completely redesigned interior upgraded with modern appliances.

Luxury Motor Yacht

BRAND NAME:                             AS Marine
BOAT SIZE:                                                52ft
CAPACITY:                                       15 guests
ROOMS:                                                           3
CREW:                                                              3
BBQ:                                                             Yes



AED 1,900

96 Ft Maiora 

Rent yacht in dubai the 96ft Maiora combines beauty, charm and elegance that symbolize the definition of luxury. Interiors of this mega yacht is carefully crafted and completed with Versace decor and design.-

Versace Mega Yacht

BRAND NAME:                             AS Marine
BOAT SIZE:                                                52ft
CAPACITY:                                       15 guests
ROOMS:                                                           3
CREW:                                                              3
BBQ:                                                             Yes



AED 3,000


Discover Dubai’s Marine Majesty with Charter Arabia

Whether you have ever been on a cruise and love the overall idea, or you are a sailor by heart who loves the idea of sailing in luxury on pristine waters, our Yacht rentals in Dubai offer you the advantage of comfort with tons of yacht charter inclusions. Step aboard and have an enchanting view of Dubai’s azure waters that promise a journey like no other. With our Yacht rental in Dubai, cherish the splendor of Dubai’s iconic skyline from the vantage point of your private yacht. Whether you are looking for a serene sunset cruise or a vibrant part under the stars, our fleet of luxurious yachts for rent in Dubai awaits you to make your dream a reality. Wondering what makes our yachts for rent in Dubai the best? Here you go! 

Yacht Charters Inclusions

  • Licenced Captain and Crew 

  • Red Carpet Entry

  • Ice, Soft Beverages and Bottled Water 

  • Fresh Slippers 

  • Towels and Bath Amenities

Extra Services

  • Food Catering

  • Cake

  • Live DJ 

  • Photographer

  • Balloons and Decorations

Denisovish, France

“I rented a yacht from this company when I was on a vacation in Dubai. The yacht was perfect, its price was reliable, and it was very clean as well."


Luxuriate your worthwhile and precious moments with yacht rental Dubai. Here you can arrange your events and occasions with our best and friendly services. We will be responsible for our sincere assistance for perfect rental packages in Dubai and on-spot destinations.


Please enjoy our yacht charter Dubai service in the broad, sunny daylight with a beautiful fresh breeze or under the night with a sparkling moonshine. Make the most of your loving occasions. Be it corporate events, fishing tours, or proposal gatherings; Our exclusive collection of yacht for rent on Dubai is serviceable.


Have a blast on your remarkable voyage in Dubai, which seems much more beneficial than a Venue rental service with the same facilities. Charter Arabia offers an exclusive yacht charter that advances the flaws of privacies, well-attended staff, and a relaxing atmosphere.


Explore the beautiful skies and whole oceans of Dubai while celebrating your big day. With us you get unparalleled lavishing yacht for rent in Dubai with security handled halls that meet the aesthetic nature embrace the perfect yacht journey, especially in Dubai Marina.

Do you want to rent a yacht in Dubai, but don’t know where to start? Well, you can always reach out to us to explore our range of yachts for rent in Dubai. From sleek and intimate vessels to grand, and lavish super yachts, our yachts for rent in Dubai come in different options to suit every occasion and preference. When you reach out to us to rent a yacht in Dubai, you experience the pinnacle of luxury with brilliantly maintained yachts. The best part about our yacht rentals in Dubai is that every majestic vessel in our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and exceptional service standards, so you get the assurance of safety and that perfect regal experience while you are sailing in your private yacht rental in Dubai.



 4 Hours | AED 2,500 

Yacht rental Dubai is assuring you with the best fishing packages. Servicing staff and a hospitable environment are like the best partners when fishing with family. Fishing needs loads of work done for the final product, and we are here to help you with that responsibly. Fishing on private boats feels like we are living at our best. Our rental yachts will let you have a tasteful journey with your loved ones below the fresh and airy skylines.


 4 Hours | From AED 1,100 p/hr 

Grab your relationship goals by capturing every second and living your best in every moment on the yacht. We are your moment-maker, and you have to be the shine of the moment. Live your most precious moments by choosing the perfect time and destination with our rental yacht services. We will make it extra memorable with the romantic decor you desire. We will provide you with an ideal venue and aesthetics


 Min 4 Hours | From AED 1,600 

Set up a memorable event for your staff. Make people feel comfortable in that soothing atmosphere of the yacht. Uncover the pleasing skylines and deep seas of Dubai Marina. Audio-visual Presentation, mic, and speakers, protectors, and tools will be notified for the staff members. Yacht rental Dubai caters to all business meeting needs festively. We can ensure a noteworthy welcome party for your employees.

We offer a first-class yacht rental service. 


Dubai is renowned for its sightseeing beauty, the tallest buildings, the grand hotels, the traditional restaurants, the mesmerising sunset and sunrises, exquisite journey to the underwater world, kite surfing and paddleboarding at Jumeirah Beach, luxury yachts, worthy resorts for families, multiple worths trying WaterSports and what not to miss in the DUBAI MARINA?


Tourists and citizens are witnessing impeccable views of the skylines and coastlines of Dubai, not only the deserts, are living the most happening life everyone wishes to live. Yacht rental Dubai will take the travellers to view the splendid city locations; you will be mesmerised by the overwhelming views sitting on the deck of the yacht, such as the sailed shaped Grand Burj Ul Arab, Dubai Canal, World Island, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Creek, Palm Al Jumeirah, Gold Souq.


The Palm Island and Dubai Marina will make you feel unreal and dreamy; renting a yacht for it will give it fantasy vibes and not regression. We offer you such a praiseworthy journey of such valuable and sightly places with our exclusive rental yachts. You will surely not fail to enjoy every bit of amusement.


Luxury Yacht Charter For Rent

Charter Arabia is the best option for rental yachts because of the Security, the Staff, and the luxuriously designed cruise. We aim to provide a safe and secure environment, which gives you privacy to your discussions and moments, making you feel protected. The most cooperative staff will be at your service and assist you in every entertainment you want to enter. And the comfort and charm of a luxurious rental yacht is the next level of convincing focus for you to choose us.


Inexpensive Yacht Rental Dubai

Charter Arabia is giving affordable rental packages to entertain yourself on your day on a luxurious yacht. Deep-sea, fishing, yacht tour, staff gathering, success parties, open peachy skies with amazingly featured boats. And the interior is developed greatly for business events. The best interior, the comfortable and manageable sitting arrangement,  the need for lively festivities will be notable on cheap rental yachts. 

The clients who keep coming back into any rental company are because of the trust made in between them. Our clients trust all our rental services because we put them; first, we put their safety, we want them to feel protected and safe with their families and friends and let us handle all of their worries. So that they can only focus on them being happy and content. The place where we are comfortable is the place we can live to the fullest.


Yacht rental with Charter Arabia guarantees you that yachting could be the most adventurous and fun-loving sport ever. It's an experience where you can not overlook the pleasant activities and feel the most soothing ambience. It's an excellent opportunity to invest your money in, gives you an ultra peaceful state of mind and a break from all the actions of the world. Renting a private cruise is an enchanting and delightful privilege for people, and with us, the journey will be priceless.

With our Dubai Marina yacht rental, experience the epitome of luxury. From curated fleets of yachts boasting spacious decks, exquisite interiors, and top-notch comfort to a dedicated crew that can offer personalized services, our Dubai Marina yacht rental service is there to ensure every aspect of your voyage is nothing short of perfection. When you reach out to us for yacht rental services in Dubai, you get everything from gourmet dining to bespoke itinerary planning from the top industry professionals. What else makes our yacht rental services in Dubai one of a kind? Well, with us, you can sail along Dubai’s coastline, and marvel at iconic landmarks, such as the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis, The Palm. In fact, you also have the option to anchor at exclusive islands for a day of leisure and exploration. 


With years of experience in the industry of luxury yacht rental in Dubai, we understand the essence of luxury and strive to exceed the expectations of our target clientele with every voyage. No matter whether it’s a romantic gateway, a corporate gateway, or a celebratory gathering, our luxury yacht rental in Dubai can cater to a myriad of occasions and preferences. All you need to do is reach out to us for luxury yacht rental, and we will help you create a swanky yet worry-free and unforgettable experience for your squad. 


Need more information about luxury yacht rental? We are just a call away! 


Yacht Rentals in Dubai Marina: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

You probably already know Dubai Marina is a busy waterfront destination renowned worldwide for its cosmopolitan charm and picturesque views. You can get our Yacht for rent in Dubai Marina and explore the city’s most coveted attractions from a unique perspective. 


For instance, with our yacht for rent in Dubai Marina, you can sip your glass of champagne on your luxury boat rental in Dubai as the sun sets over the glistening waters of Dubai Marina. You can cruise past several architectural marvels, promenades humming with energy, and vibrant nightlife hotspots while basking in the lavish comfort of your private sanctuary at sea. 


With our yacht rental in Dubai, you can indulge in the ultimate fusion of luxury and comfort. From the moment you step aboard our marina yacht rental, our dedicated crew members can provide impeccable services on the tranquil decks of our luxurious yacht. All you need to do is immerse yourself in the dreamy beauty of Dubai because we can handle the rest!


Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai
Yacht Rental Dubai Marina
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Dubai Marina Yacht Rental
Yachts Rental In Dubai
Luxury Boat Rental Dubai
Luxury Boat Rental Dubai
Marina Yacht Rental
Luxury Yacht Rental
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Cheap Yacht Rental Route Map
  • What safety precautions do you have in place?
    Each member of the crew has received extensive training in safety procedures. Life jackets, life rafts, firefighting equipment, and a first aid kit are also available as safety precautions.
  • What happens if the weather turns bad?
    In worse weather situations, we will reschedule the booking, but with prior notice and on dates that are convenient for you.
  • Is it permissible for me to bring my own food and drink?
    You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. We can also arrange for it if you notify our executive at the time of booking.
  • How far ahead of time do you recommend booking a yacht?
    We recommend making your reservation as far in advance as possible to ensure that you have the best selection of yachts available. Our yachts are all subject to availability. We also accept last-minute bookings and will always do our best to accommodate clients.
  • What sorts of entertainment are available on the Yacht?
    Our yachts have a wide range of entertainment options. Everything from DJ services with world-class speaker systems to television screens for a special live event, performers, and water sport toys can be arranged at our guests request.
  • How can I get in touch with you to make a reservation?
    If you have any questions about our prices or services, please contact us at +97150 240 0018 or You can book a boat using the form on our website, or you can click on the WhatsApp icon on our website and send us a message directly.
  • Can I customize my yacht rental in Dubai Marina to suit my preferences?
    Yes, you can! At Charter Arabia, we understand that every guest is unique, and so are their needs for yacht rental in Dubai Marina. You can reach out to us with our custom requests, and we will create a personalized experience that speaks volumes about your taste in leisure and vacation.
  • Can I host a wedding on your luxury yacht?
    We would be more than happy to be a part of your wedding festivities. You can go for our yacht rental in Dubai to host your wedding, and you will have the opportunity to exchange vows against the epic backdrop of Dubai’s iconic skyline. Toast to your love under the stars, dance the night away surrounded by friends and family, or go for our luxury boat rentals in Dubai to be your commute to an exotic island on Dubai’s surreal backwaters where you want your wedding to happen.
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